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Saeid Bashash

Instrument: Santur

Saeid Bashash is an associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at San Jose State University. He spends a good amount of his free time on learning and playing musical instruments. His music journey began at the age of 14 when he started to learn Santur and the traditional Iranian music from Mr. Babak Azarshab and Mr. Hossein Nikkhoo. Over the years, he has carried out several solo and group performances at different schools such as Sharif University, Clemson University, and the University of Michigan. He is currently receiving Taar lessons from Mr. Naser Sheikhzadegan and music theory and technique lessons from Mr. Faraz Minooei.

Elaheh Esfahanian

Instrument: Tombak

Elaheh Esfahanian is a Water Engineer at California Water Services Company. She loves learning and playing Persian music. Her music journey started at age 10 when she started learning Tombak from Farshad, and continued receiving lessons from Arash Farhangfar. Over the years she carried out different solo and group performances at different schools such as University of Tehran, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Stanford University. She continues her music adventure through the Bay Area Persian Music Ensemble.


Behdad Fariba

Instrument: Tar

Behdad Fariba is passionate about classical Persian music. He has been studying and practicing the Tar, a Persian string instrument well known for its double-bowl shaped body and long neck, with Maestro Fariborz Azizi for close to twenty years. Behdad has studied repertoires of Persian music (Radif - Mirza Abdollah and the advanced Radif - Ali Kabar Khan Shahnazi) and has performed in many private and public venues. He is grateful for the opportunity to participate in workshops with Maestro Mohammad Reza Lotfi and Maestro Hossein Alizadeh in the US, and learn directly from two of the most prominent Tar players of our era.
Behdad is a software engineer at Yahoo and continues to allocate most of his free time to studying and playing the Tar.

Farin Foroudi

Instrument: Daf

Farin is a clinical pharmacist. She started learning Daf lessons from maestro Masood Habibi back in 1993. She has carried out several solo and performances at Vahdat Concert Hall, Arasbaran and Harekat Cultural Centers with Dalahoo ensemble and Tehran Symphony Orchestra. She has performed with Ms. Ghodsi Moshiri and Chakavak Azad ensemble, maestro Jalal Zolfonoon and Khajeh Amiri brothers at Saad Abad Palace.After migrating to the US in 2006, she had a couple performances with Hamed Nickpay at Berkeley University. She has collaborated with Shahrzad Khorsandi and has performed with Peyvand ensemble in Southern California and San Jose.Farin is currently working as a full time pharmacist and teaches Daf lessons in Bay Area. She has joined Bay Area Persian Music Ensemble in 2021.


Soroush Foroudi

Instrument: Bass Tar

He started to learn Setar at age of 18 under Maestro Hooshang Zarif. At age of 29 he left the country and since then he was playing in some local persian bands. He is a mechanical engineer and currently is working as a metrology enginner. He was so lucky to join the Bay Area Persian Ensemble since 2020 under Maestro Faraz Minooei.

Mohammad Hassanzadeh

Instrument: Alto Kamancheh & Kamancheh

Mohammad Hassanzadeh is a data scientist at Shell New Energies. He spends a good amount of his free time on learning and playing musical instruments. His music journey began at the age of 10 when he started to learn keyboard from Babak Roshanzamir.  Over the years, he has carried out group performances at different schools such as Iran S&T University, Virginia Tech and Stanford university. He started playing kamanche (persian spike fiddle) in 2005 with Alireza Mahdizade and continued receiving lessons from Samer Habibi, Korush Babaie, Arash Kamvar, Amir Eslami & Ardeshir Kamkar.  


Erfan Javid

Instrument: Tar

Being passionate about traditional Persian music, Erfan Javid has started his journey by Setar almost 20 years ago. With a large gap in practicing music he has started a new journey as a newbie with Tar almost 2 years ago under Maestro Fariborz Azizi and Amir Kooshkanian supervision. He is continuing his practice with the Bay Area Persian Music Ensemble.

Sina Mohsenian

Instrument: Ney

Born in Mazandaran, Iran, Sina Mohsenian is a Ney (traditional Persian flute) player currently based in San Jose, CA. Captured by the sound of his father’s Ney, he started playing the Ney with Daryoush Vahedi at the age of 17. After a few years he benefited from the presence of Nouraldin Alaedini to learn the classic Persian music (Radif). In 2016 he moved to the US to pursue his doctoral education in Mechanical Engineering at University of Massachusetts. Since his arrival to the US, he has performed several solo and group performances at different communities such as Iranian Association of Boston (Mezrab ensemble), Boston University (Rohab ensemble) and Northeastern University.


Reza Pirooz

Instrument: Tar

Reza Pirooz is a general contractor at Dolatch Construction inc. He started his music learning journey with Violin and after a few months he found his passion in Tar and started to learn Tar from at Zarif’s institute. He has had a few performances in Iran and San Jose as a Tar player and singer.

Behfar Razavi

Instrument: Ney

Behfar Razavi started his musical journey 15 years ago with the Ney (Persian reed flute), and has since added Daf (frame drum), Avaz (classical vocal style of Iran), Setar (Persian lute) and the Flute Recorder to his itinerary. Along the way he's had the privilege to share his passion for music on stage and in the recording studio, alongside his many talented musician teachers and friends. In his spare time, Behfar is CEO of Slooce Technology.


Babak Yadegari

Instrument: Kamancheh

Babak has been practicing Kamanche and traditional Persian music for almost 15 years. He has taken lessons from notable Kamanche players including Reza Parviz Zadeh and Abbas Jafari. Babak has played on stage with Gouran Tanbour Ensemble in Shiraz and has been working with the Bay Area Persian Music Ensemble for more that 2 years.


Previous Members

  • Hooman Mirloo (Instrument: Daf)

  • Setareh Rafatirad (Instrument: Santur)